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Some of our favorite tracks from Smokey Joe (2016), The Tales That They Tell (2012) and Nations Pride (2010).
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Smokey Joe (2016)
Brand new album out now!!!

Smokey Joe Album Cover
I Made Them
...for the lad in the crows nest who saw america in the distance!
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Gloucester Boys
...a song for the Gloucestershire Regiment
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Talk to Me
Talk to me like the sparks thrown from the fireside...
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The Tales That They Tell (2012)
FolkLaw, The Tales That They Tell, Album Cover

Available now in the FolkLaw shop

Seeds of Freedom
As played by Paul Moss on BBC Introducing, Dan Ogus on Express FM's Scattering the Roots and Alex Huskisson on Severn FM! It's a song for living your life and following your dreams windows media player logo

Seeds of Freedom Notebook - FolkLaw As played on BBC Radio

"It's something that kind of 'gets to you'!" - Paul Moss - BBC
"Stands out from the crowd" - Dai Jeffries -
"A lovely melody" - Alex Huskisson - Severn FM

Leaves of Gold
A song for the HOOF campaign which has enjoyed airplay on BBC Shropshire, BBC Gloucester and FolkCast radio where we're priveliged to have been played alongside the Albion Band! Top notch! windows media player logo

Leaves Of Gold Notebook - FolkLaw
"high-energy passion" -
"got a bit of oomph! ...lovely stuff!" - Genevieve Tudor (BBC Shropshire)
"Great song!" - Johnny Coppin (BBC Gloucester)
You can also hear tracks from this album from archived radio play:
Someway Some How on mixcloud from Gary Hazlehurst's fantastic Stafford FM Folk Show
Leaves of Gold played on FolkCast radio
Tales That They Tell played on ReadiFolk Radio
Nations Pride (2010)
FolkLaw Nations Pride Album Cover

Available now in the FolkLaw shop

Nations Pride
"Fantastic!" - Stroud FM windows media player logo

Nations Pride - FolkLaw

Air and Reel
"Refreshingly different!" - Stirrings Magazine windows media player logo

Air and Reel - FolkLaw/trad
You can also hear tracks from this album from archived radio play:
The Mist in Autumn played on FolkCast radio in Sept 2013
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